Hello, fellow coworker. We strongly believe that joining material, professional and social resources returns and multiplies to the benefit of all parties involved.

We are striving to unite local independent professionals into Croatian national coworking community. Our mission is to position the independent work as entrepreneurial choice, to advocate independents’ rights and to support professional self-sustainability.

We encourage opening of a coworking spaces across Croatia, where independents will find ‘their own’ professional place, and thus be able to fulfill their regular or temporary work commitments. We plan to realize this by providing support, necessary information, knowledge and skills required for opening and managing a coworking space and granting access to our community.

We encourage

  • Healthy and socially integrated individual work
  • Economical and sustainable self-employment
  • Continuous exposure to new persons, professions and influences
  • Spontaneous exchange and transfer of knowledge, skills and experiences
  • Development of entrepreneurial spirit and creation of individual workplaces
  • Independent realization of personal and professional potential
  • Maintaining professional competitiveness and establishment of a personal quality standard
  • Professional individualism without separation and isolation
  • Humanization of business processes
  • More quality or a more adequate representation with clients
  • Synergic effect and a collaboration potential
  • Acceptance and promotion of diversity (gender, age-related, racial, sexual, religious, national, cultural, etc.)

Coworking spaces in Croatia


BizKoshnica Zagreb Coworking Croatia HDNP


coworking prostor


HUB & coworking prostor

Impact Hub Zagreb

inkubator & coworking prostor
CoreHUB inkubator Coworking Croatia


startup inkubator


WIP logo


coworking prostor
CoCreative Coworking Croatia


coworking prostor


KIWI Rijeka Coworking Croatia HDNP


coworking prostor




Get in touch!

If you need any kind of information about the local coworking scene we kindly invite you to get in touch with us.


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Coworking Croatia is a program by Croatian Independent Professionals Association (CIPA).

The initiative was started in the spring of 2012 and we believe that in a short period of time we significantly contributed to the promotion of coworking movement. We are nonetheless aware that we have a long way to go. Our goal is to participate in opening of NGO based “Freelance coworking centre” in Zagreb, while we encourage and endorse each new coworking space in our country.